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When Petzcrew Have The Theater For Our Eyes Only


Everybody wanna have fun.

And we also love to have fun.

And if that fun is to watch Suicide Squad followed with lunch together, who will say no.

By the end of last week, some of our crew are badly sick. But miraculously they all arrived healthier on Monday morning.

We watch the first show in the day, at 11am. Some Petzcrews feel reluctant to go early in the day since most people usually go to the movie at night. But in the end, we agreed that because there were 18 of us, and watching box office movie at night when people flocking to the theater after working hours is sound like a recipe for a headache.

And oh boy we were right. We were like having a private theater. There are only us, and 10 other people, in 150 seat theater.

When the movie finished, it’s lunch time, so we were heading to the nearest restaurant. Totally unplanned. And we’re lucky again because the restaurant was awesome and the food was great.

And after that, headed back to the office with a happy mind and a full stomach, ready to start rocking on Adobe Illustrator.

Say cheese…burger. Yummy.


This theatre is ours.


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