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What You Need To Know About Selling Sticker in LINE Creator Market


LINE is the first chat app that open its sticker store to public. Designers from all around the globe are submitting their characters into the LINE Creators sticker market.

Based on LINE official blog report. Stickers come from 124 countries, with total sticker sales 1.23 billion Yen. That’s solely from LINE Creator’s Market.

For designer, LINE Creators Market is a good source of passive income. But, the competition is quite fierce. Right now there 9000+ stickers set in LINE Creators Market.

Are you planning to sell sticker in LINE Creators Market? Here are some tips you should know.

  1. One sticker set contain 40 emoticons. 1 main image for sticker store thumbnail, 1 chat tab image for sticker selection image.
  2. Sticker set must your genuine design.
  3. Approval process can take up to 4 months. Our sticker approved in 2 months.
  4. Your sticker visibility in the store is very poor. Your sticker sales will decline after few days from launching. So, plan carefully you marketing strategy to keep sales number.

Sticker Production Tips

LINE is a chat app, your sticker will be used as message substitution. 40 sounds a lot, but based on our experience 40 is not sufficient to cover basic emotions or expression. List popular expressions first then goes to less popular. Lastly, avoid any situation story in your sticker.

Helpful articles to decide which expression need more attention.

Avoid drawing too much details on characters and background. Focus on character expression instead of background or situations. If you are planning to use text message, make sure the letter is visible in small size โ€” small size sticker is used in low end Android devices.

LINE did not mention any file size limit, however before submitting your sticker file size are optimized. To make the file size small, use limited color palette. Smaller file size means your sticker downloaded and load faster in LINE app.

If you are new to sticker creation, we have created template for LINE sticker in Adobe Illustrator format. With the template you can export your sticker set easily in go.

How to submit your sticker

  1. You need LINE account to be able to register/login to LINE Creator market.
  2. Click New Submission Button to start submitting your sticker.
  3. Fill out the information needed. You can use your pen/artist name for the seller name. Make sure “Distribute in all available regions” is selected, this allow your sticker to be sold in various countries.
  4. LINE gives you language localization option for each country. If you do not set localization, LINE will use English title and description.
  5. After clicking the save button, Sticker Image tab will appear. Click the edit button at the bottom of the page to start uploading you sticker.
  6. Either upload all sticker in zip or upload it one by one.
  7. After all sticker uploaded including main and tab image. Click the Request button at top right of the page to submit your sticker for review.
  8. Wait patiently, our sticker took 2 months for review approval. Review time will be vary, some says took 4 months. Keep you hopes high, check your LINE Creator account regularly.
  9. If your sticker approved, LINE will send you email with store URL for your sticker and tell you to start release the sticker to LINE Creator Market.
  10. Congratulation on your sales!

Feel free to share more tips regarding LINE Creators Sticker Market in comment below. If you find these tips useful, please share it.