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Tini & Tono LINE Available Now on LINE Sticker Store


Goes vintage. That was our concept when we were planning for our next Line Creators Market sticker. Tini and Tono are brother and sister characters from Indonesia’s elementary school book. Indonesian are quite nostalgic about these characters, so we think it would be cool to fuse classic characters with modern expression.

The original Tini & Tono design from ’90s is monochrome, mostly printed in black, dark blue or dark green ink. But since the newest school books are full color, we add vibrant color to enhance its modern feels but maintain its bold black outline style.



The words on Tini & Tono stickers slang words used mostly by big cities teenagers from Java island. It’s rooted in Indonesia language, and even though most areas in Indonesia are using their own ethnic language but this kind of slang are well known among teenagers since its constant used on television drama and advertising.

Tini & Tono sticker pack are consist of 40 stickers with general expressions for daily use. It’s already available on Line Creators Market Indonesia region only and can be purchased for $1.

Currently only available in Indonesia region