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The Secret Of Fashion Website Every UI Designer Should Know


There was a time when people are afraid to buy clothes online. Many people argue that people will need to touch the fabric, because they need to know if it is comfortable enough. Then, they need to try it, because they need to know if its cut fit their body perfectly.

However, things have changed. Right now, online fashion store is thriving. More and more people buy clothes online regularly.

By not forgetting that the retailers also offer better service like free return guarantee and more measurements details, their website also very well presented. Highly attention to details and deep understanding of their customers and products are the key.

Here are the lessons we UI designers can learn from them.


Super Minimal Design Style

Almost every UI designer know KISS expressions. However, fashion website design takes simple website design style to the next level. Fashion is all about looks, and nobody knows it better than fashion online retailers brand.

While embracing super minimal website design, the pages fulfilled with fullscreen images showing the products from every angle possible. Big images enable the customer to see every detail of the product, thus replacing the needs to touch and feel the fabric. Utilize minimal UI design style allowed the products to become a focal point, and at the same time attract attention into the products instead of into the web design.


Pay More Attention To Call To Action

We, UI designer usually don’t give much attention to call to action part on our website design. However, in the tough competition industry, call to action is vital. People who love the brand will likely subscribe to the newsletter; they might share it on social media to mention their friends who might like it, or if they were not sure about the quality they would use live chat to contact the retailer.

Most millennials who shop at online store are well known for their love to share as much as they like to complain. So, create a design which facilitates them to do both things easily while keeping the design clean. Nobody likes to search all over website just to complain or ask for small things. Moreover, no brand wants their customer’s complaints posted all over social media.


Accomodate Microcopy

Fashion website is no blog. Fashion retail customer does not need to know how the cotton will feel on their skin or why the designer colored its shoes purple. Microcopy which using very few words-per-sentence or presented in bullet list is perfect for their customers, whose likely to collecting many items on a wishlist and comparing between one another before making a purchase.

In this visual era, a picture speaks louder than words. UI design which accommodates multiple and significant images are preferable. Replace every word that can be substituted with icons or drop down options. However, don’t eliminate space for texts altogether. Some people still love to read the details, and it is crucial for SEO too.

Let’s never forget that website design quality is one of the most important aspects for online retailers. Sometimes both of us, as UI designers, and clients love to sweat the small details, and totally forgot that to give maximum user experience, we must look at the whole design and make sure each detail completed each other.

Source: Creative Blog