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Dimo Digital Sticker Is Available On iMessage and Telegram

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We have been working alongside Mozilla Indonesia Community for a couple of years. Last year we created red dinosaur mascot which later named Dimo.

Today, Dimo sticker published on iMessage sticker store. It is also available on Telegram.

screenshot-dimo_iPhone 7plus - 1

There are 25 expressions to spice up your texting. Dimo is a very expressive dinosaur after all. The best thing is, Dimo sticker is available for free.

If you are Mozilla product user, use Dimo to show your support to the Mozilla goals for open and accessible internet for all. If you are not Mozilla user, are you sure that you want to pass a sticker as cute as Dimo? Download now.

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Vinicius and Tom, Rio Olympics Mascots Is a Hidden Gems


Rio Olympic opening will be held tonight. And they hide these hidden gem named Vinicius and Tom. Who are they?. They are Rio Olympics mascots, which unfortunately buried under so many bad news about conditions in Rio prior to Olympic preparation.

When we said hidden gems, we meant it for real, because Vinicius and Tom are simply great. It’s hard to believe that the Rio Olympics mascots design project was started in 2012, and Vinicius and Tom were first introduced in 2014. That was such a very few coverage for a huge event as Olympic.

First questions must be “what are they?”. Actually, it’s very common for Olympics mascot to have bizarre form, perhaps to make them look striking and unique. Compare to one eye cyclops from London Olympic and blue round creature from Atlanta Olympic, Rio Olympics mascots are actually quite normal looking.


Vinicius is a mix of Brazillian animals. Its name is derived from Vinicius De Moraes, one of Brazil’s greatest bossa nova musician. And if you wonder why its body is abnormally long, it’s because its special ability is that he can stretch and stretch and stretch, as much as it wants. And since it’s an animal, it can run faster and jump higher than any other earthlings.

Tom is a fusion of all plants in the Brazillian forest. It’s name derived from Tom Jobin, another great Brazillian musician who together with Vinicius De Moraes wrote The Girls from Ipanema. And of course, it also has a special power, that it can draw everything and anything from his lush green leaves hair.

And here’s a couple of reason why Vinicius and Tom are a great mascots.

They Are Representative of Brazil

Mascot, which is part of entity’s branding, should represent the entity’s culture, goal, and vision.

Vinicius and Tom represent Brazil so well. Pop culture is rampant in Brazil, and Vinicius and Tom inspiration are based on pop culture style, video game, and animation. Their body shape is a representation of Brazillian natural heritage, wildlife, and plantations. Their name represents Brazil’s most popular music genre, bossa nova.

The most important aspect is that they are portrayed as lively, talkative, cheerful and colorful, represents the diversity and trait of Brazillian people and culture.


They Are Fun

Vinicius and Tom are easily inserted into so many things. Check out its Rio Olympics mascot official website, where you can have fun watching animations, take a quiz of what kind of sport best suit you (I took the quiz and the results show that Taekwondo will suit me, which is quite a surprise since I was doing Taekwondo during school). They also provide some crafting stuff like paper toys and coloring books.

They Are Memorable

As designers, we found Vinicius and Tom design style are quite unique. It has an uneven outline, gives hand drawing feeling. It’s using striking colors. And it’s cute, but not girly. How I wish I can have its plushies. Too bad the campaign are not much heard outside of Brazil.

Sadly, Olympic mascot is usually easily forgotten. Try googling “Olympics mascot” and I bet that you will have a hard time telling which mascots are from which Olympic. Perhaps it’s because after the Olympics game is finish, the mascot is no longer in use. Mascot needs an ongoing campaign to breath life and personality to them.


No matter what the future holds for Vinicius and Tom, Puss In Box has a great time playing with them. Last but not least, don’t forget to check Vinicius and Tom Instagram accounts. I think this is not wrong to say that Rio Olympics mascot is the most pop Olympic mascot, at least until today.

Personalised Pokemon Stickers For You The Best Pokemon Trainer


Have you catch ’em all?

The real Pokemon trainer does not stop at just hunting for Pikachu. Why not use Pokemon stickers on your chatting session too.


Bobble App just released their latest sticker pack. Titled as Gotta Catch’em All, it is Pokemon sticker theme. We designed the stickers, because just like you, we are also aspiring Pokemon trainers who love to show our love for Pokemon to our friends.

Bobble app is personalised sticker creator, where you can create your own chat stickers. All you need to do is take a selfie, then replace the character’s head in a sticker with your own selfie.

Then you just need to copy and paste the sticker into your chat window.

Besides being entertaining alternatives of regular stickers which already available on each chat app, you can also show your chatting buddy how trendy you are. Or just simply how much you love Pokemon.


We create the Pokemon stickers design in chibi style because it allows the whole body incorporated into small stickers. But our favourite part of the stickers are a famous Pokemon’s quote wordplay which we find very vivacious and playful

So, what are you waiting for?. Let’s sending out the Pokemon stickers to your aspiring trainer friends out there to encourage them to catch ’em all.

Use Bobble Pokeworld sticker now, free download here.