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Our Projects

Our Work Says Alot About Us!
Bell Standard Apps / Icon & UI
57Digital Web Banner
Pertamina M30 E-Learning
Adira’s Company Culture Comic
New Year for BobbleApp
I Love You Baby for BobbleApp
Eid Mubarak for BobbleApp
Gotta Catch’em All for BobbleApp
Cah Lebay Sticker for Path
ASKfm Sticker
baycare ベイケア Website Icon
Code Republic コードリパブリックCorporate Identity
57 Digital Icon
Brave Frontier Character Sprites Animation
Playful Husky Sticker
Cute Corgi Sticker
Happy Friendly Ghost Sticker
Happy Little Bunny Sticker
Bearellina Sticker
Polarina Sticker
MuahCity! Dating Platform App
Tempest Run
Mecha Kong Z
The Voice Indonesia App
MakeMac Reader App
Games In Asia
Puss In Box
Ramen Warehouse
Shelby and Shelly
Telkomsel Great Innovation Awards
Super Kong Climb
Tempest Run
The Voice Indonesia
Theme Robot Character Design
Theme Warriors Character Design
Tini and Tono Digital Digital Sticker
Usagi Digital Sticker

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