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Personalised Pokemon Stickers For You The Best Pokemon Trainer


Have you catch ’em all?

The real Pokemon trainer does not stop at just hunting for Pikachu. Why not use Pokemon stickers on your chatting session too.


Bobble App just released their latest sticker pack. Titled as Gotta Catch’em All, it is Pokemon sticker theme. We designed the stickers, because just like you, we are also aspiring Pokemon trainers who love to show our love for Pokemon to our friends.

Bobble app is personalised sticker creator, where you can create your own chat stickers. All you need to do is take a selfie, then replace the character’s head in a sticker with your own selfie.

Then you just need to copy and paste the sticker into your chat window.

Besides being entertaining alternatives of regular stickers which already available on each chat app, you can also show your chatting buddy how trendy you are. Or just simply how much you love Pokemon.


We create the Pokemon stickers design in chibi style because it allows the whole body incorporated into small stickers. But our favourite part of the stickers are a famous Pokemon’s quote wordplay which we find very vivacious and playful

So, what are you waiting for?. Let’s sending out the Pokemon stickers to your aspiring trainer friends out there to encourage them to catch ’em all.

Use Bobble Pokeworld sticker now, free download here.