Free Vector Character Twitter Guy2

Free Vector Character

New Twitter redesign sprung love and hate from twitter users, but not stopping them to use twitter as communication and sharing tool. Today we proudly to present new vector character of a guy wearing twitter costume. I hope you enjoy it as much we do.

Twitter Vector Character


You may use the vector character for personal or commercial project. Do not redistribute withour our written permission.


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Free Royalty Vector Character

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  • Sri Ganesh.M

    If am not wrong where is the Download Link ! it redirects to your Facebook offical Fan page 

  • Sissy

    This free vector was supposed to be downloaded through our Facebook fan gate. Unfortunately we have some problems with application we use to setup the fan gate, and couldn’t put “download” button anymore on it. We’re currently working on it. We will inform you when it fix. Truly apologize for the inconvenient.