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The World Need Emoji Equality


Do you remember the time before the emoji are exist?. We’re sure not many people remember that era.

That era was actually not even a decade ago. Emoji was introduce at 2011, it make it only 5 years old by the time this article was written.

What make emoji is become inseparable part of our digital life is its ability to convey emotions way beyond what words might able to express, unless you willing to write a lot lot lot of words to express it.

Visually, emoji is generic simplified visualisation of human and things. It’s genderless, ageless, raceless, and mostly just show eyes and mouth as two human features that naturally we use to express emotion.

But the recent emoji that we usually used during conversation on our cellphone has some emojis that clearly show age (baby and senior citizen) and gender (male and female). Fast forward, now we can use emojis with different skin color to match ours, and even same sex couple to match our preferences.

So, it’s about time to add something to make emojis more personal for many of its users: jobs. And not just any jobs, because Google developers and designers proposed to create women with jobs emojis to empower working women all around the world.

Working Woman Emoji

When we are surrounded by news about inequality in workplace, their move to make jobs emoji in female gender is really a good move in term of marketing and social.

In marketing term, it sure give them a lot of publicity, many medias will write it in positive attitude and there will be a lot more blogger which not usually into techy things like emoji will write about it too. At the same time it clearly shows their culture of equality to the world.

In social term, it become one kind of support for working women in all over the world. It even includes some professions that traditionally infamous as men’s job, such as scientist, rocker, surgeon and even chef. Hard to believe that chef is identical with men’s job when many cultures expect women to cook at home. Ironic.

The design is simple enough, that we can use it to represent many other jobs. For example the teacher emojis could be used by teachers, professors, guest speakers or course educators. It can even used by working women’s children during chatting to express their mother’s jobs.

And let’s not be sexist here, because the emojis also available in men character. Basically it just changing its face, while on the same uniform.

But maybe Google still forgetting some of their user. Look at your emoji keyboard and noticed that there are no prince/king emoji, there is only female emoji with tiara represents princess/queen. Haircut and massage emojis also only available in female version, don’t you guys also need haircut and can enjoy head massage? So, don’t you think that it’s time for men to ask for emoji equality? Perhaps it will be available in the next Emoji Update on your favourite OS.