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Unicorn Lover

unicorn lover conspiracy alien ufo seti illuminati yeti bigfoot roswell imessage sticker petshopbox

Unicorn lovers is a tale of a couple with a horse head. They love mysterious and conspiration histories. This pack is the English version of previous Cerita & Mitos sticker.

Cerita & Mitos

cerita mitos unicorn illuminati freemason conspiracy kuda sticker petshopbox imessage line

Cerita dan Mitos adalah dua karakter manusia berkepala kuda yang menyenangi cerita misteri dan konspirasi yang terjadi di Bumi.

Only available in iTunes Store Indonesia


poorina imessage sticker petshopbox poo cute pink

Brown poo emoji is too mainstream, introducing Poorina, the pinkiest, the cutest, and the most adorable poo in the world. She, yes a SHE! With her, you can send poo sticker to anyone without disgusting them.

Poorina contains the cutest, adorable poo 40 stickers ever created.


iMessage Sticker

He's a monkey, and he's naughty. He loves to party, and show off his money.

Swag up your iMessage chat with this adorable and naughty monkey sticker for iMessage on your daily chat. Lets YOLO with Swaggy!!!


polarina ballerina polar bear line imessage sticker cute petshopbox

Polarina is a lovely adorable ballerina teddy bear; she has expressive gesture. A must have teddy bear stickers for iMessage. Available for LINE Messenger too!

Get 40 stickers Polarina for your cute & emotional daily conversations.


bear teddy ballerina pink cute simple sticker line imessage petshopbox

Bearelina is a cute Teddy Bear who loves ballet. Her sticker pack contain 40 stickers; you'll have a lot of fun chatting with her. Add her to your collection of stickers now!

Dimo MozID

dimo mozilla firefox indonesia sticker mascot petshopbox

Dimo will cheer up your daily conversations. It is fiery, expressive and most importantly, you can download it for free.

Show how you really feel with with this sticker pack. 25 expressions that can convey your feelings more than a words can say.

Crazy Sibling: Tini & Tono

tini tono crazy siblings boy girl sticker oldies retro petshopbox sticker line imessage

Crazy Sibling contains 40 sticker expressions commonly used in the daily conversation. Some the of expressions are Oh-em-gee!, IDK, NOPE!, WTF!, BRB, OMW, #Hashtag, and GWS.

Puss in Box (Indonesia)

puss in box cat mascot sticker petshopbox

I am Puss in Box who loves boxes very much. Let these stickers of mine deliver all your feelings!

Only available in iTunes & LINE Store Indonesia

Puss in Box (English)

puss in box cat mascot sticker petshopbox

I am Puss in Box who loves boxes very much. Let these stickers of mine deliver all your feelings!

Playful Husky

playful husky dog line sticker petshopbox

The playful husky just want to play with you. It's a cutie that bring happiness to your day and chat.

Cute Corgi

corgi dog cute sticker line pet petshopbox

Corgi knows how to make you happy. It's an adorable ball of fur that will bring joy to your life and fun to your chat.

Happy Ghost

ghost sticker line petshopbox happy

He may be dead, but his spirit still lives happily to this day. Let's be happy together with Happy Friendly Ghost. 

Don't worry, he's as alive as you!

Happy Little Bunny

bunny rabbit little sticker line messenger petshopbox

Sweet little bunny will make you happy forever and ever.


Transform your character into sticker for iMessage and LINE.