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Design Lessons From Suicide Squad Movie


Why Suicide Squad movie feels different from another comic book based superhero movie?. I waited for more than a years, since the first time I saw that leaked photo of Jared Leto with a green hair, I was hook.

Then came out the trailer, then the promotional posters. Make me cannot wait no more. Why, because I feel that this movie will be quite different from another comic based movie.

Turns out it’s some of it design concept that makes it feels different.

Here’s a couple creative lesson we can take from Suicide Squad movie:

Think Out Of The Box

As creative people working in creative industry, we must have been hearing this a thousand times in a year. But, yeah, it’s always easier to say than do.

In Suicide Squad movie, Harley Quinn looks striking. After all, in comics or games, she almost always wore an interesting outfit, and her style almost always changing. But one thing stays the same, her outfits almost always inspired by traditional harlequin costumes. Perhaps it’s because her name is also a pun from harlequin.

Suicide Squad movie’s Harley Quinn trade signature half red half black hair with pink and blue ombre style dye on peroxide blonde hair. Duo colors jester outfit with diamond patterns turns into a ripped t-shirt and micro pants in red and blue color scheme.

Just because her name is a pun from Harlequin, that doesn’t mean she has to do harlequin inspired look all the time. The world is changing. And it’s also time to change the crazy looking jester into a crazy looking super hot lady.

Follow The Trend


Peroxide blonde. Ombre dye. Tattoos. Wedges sneakers. I don’t know what that jacket called, but if Justin Bieber wears it then it must be something trendy right?.

Basically, almost all parts in Harley Quinn outfit in Suicide Squad movie is something that is in trend right nowadays.

Following the latest trend could be an easier way for your audience to accept one design, especially if your target audience is young millennials around 20-30yo. Trend are crucial for them. And if your design has relatively short lifetime it can be a great way since you can just change the style whenever you need it to.

So, If the words peroxide blonde, ombre dye, and wedges sneakers are sounds like an alien language to you, it’s time for you to browse lifestyle blogs or Instagram influencer accounts. You’ll get many latest trends inspiration to level up your design.

Why so serious?

Here’s where Suicide Squad movie different with another comic based movie. You can easily spot fun in the movie from its posters. The merge of photo and comic style illustrations. Suicide squad members icon in neon green background. Not to mention that Harley Quinn and Joker always pictured smiling or laughing.

It creates a great contrast to most superhero movie posters. Most superhero movie posters portrayed characters with a tough gesture, angry frown face, and using dark colors. It screams seriousness.

Sure some designs have to bore seriousness on it. Especially if you are working on big corporation corporate identity for example.

But, if you are working for consumer design, add some fun could be a little trick to make your design stand out from others. Add characters with happy gesture and using light fun colors could give a big change. After all, everybody wants to have some fun, right?.


Oh, and of course we never forget to have some fun. Because in Petshopbox Studio, we’d love to add fun aspect on everything we create. Please enjoy our rendition of Suicide Squad movie poster.

So, have you got your Suicide Squad movie ticket yet?. Bet you can get more inspiration after watching it by yourself. Because sometimes great inspirations can come from the worst heroes ever.