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Category: Inside Petshopbox Studio

Sneak peak into daily life in our little studio and bits of things we love.

Dimo Digital Sticker Is Available On iMessage and Telegram

screenshot-dimo_iPad - 4


screenshot-dimo_iPad - 5

We have been working alongside Mozilla Indonesia Community for a couple of years. Last year we created red dinosaur mascot which later named Dimo.

Today, Dimo sticker published on iMessage sticker store. It is also available on Telegram.

screenshot-dimo_iPhone 7plus - 1

There are 25 expressions to spice up your texting. Dimo is a very expressive dinosaur after all. The best thing is, Dimo sticker is available for free.

If you are Mozilla product user, use Dimo to show your support to the Mozilla goals for open and accessible internet for all. If you are not Mozilla user, are you sure that you want to pass a sticker as cute as Dimo? Download now.

screenshot-dimo_iPhone 7plus - 3



Happy Halloween 2016



Halloween is coming to town.

Whether you are currently netflixing and chilling.
Or knocking every neighbourhood doors for a candy.
Or waiting the DJ to pump up the music.

We just like to say Happy Halloween night!
Let’s forget the Monday madness
by enjoy magical surprises
full of treats and sweets.

Ps: PussInBox <3 candy too

When Petzcrew Have The Theater For Our Eyes Only


Everybody wanna have fun.

And we also love to have fun.

And if that fun is to watch Suicide Squad followed with lunch together, who will say no.

By the end of last week, some of our crew are badly sick. But miraculously they all arrived healthier on Monday morning.

We watch the first show in the day, at 11am. Some Petzcrews feel reluctant to go early in the day since most people usually go to the movie at night. But in the end, we agreed that because there were 18 of us, and watching box office movie at night when people flocking to the theater after working hours is sound like a recipe for a headache.

And oh boy we were right. We were like having a private theater. There are only us, and 10 other people, in 150 seat theater.

When the movie finished, it’s lunch time, so we were heading to the nearest restaurant. Totally unplanned. And we’re lucky again because the restaurant was awesome and the food was great.

And after that, headed back to the office with a happy mind and a full stomach, ready to start rocking on Adobe Illustrator.

Say cheese…burger. Yummy.


This theatre is ours.


Interested to join our crew? We are looking for people who know how to have fun while being serious creating wonderful artworks. Take a peek at our jobs listing page. Are you the one we are looking for?.

Personalised Pokemon Stickers For You The Best Pokemon Trainer


Have you catch ’em all?

The real Pokemon trainer does not stop at just hunting for Pikachu. Why not use Pokemon stickers on your chatting session too.


Bobble App just released their latest sticker pack. Titled as Gotta Catch’em All, it is Pokemon sticker theme. We designed the stickers, because just like you, we are also aspiring Pokemon trainers who love to show our love for Pokemon to our friends.

Bobble app is personalised sticker creator, where you can create your own chat stickers. All you need to do is take a selfie, then replace the character’s head in a sticker with your own selfie.

Then you just need to copy and paste the sticker into your chat window.

Besides being entertaining alternatives of regular stickers which already available on each chat app, you can also show your chatting buddy how trendy you are. Or just simply how much you love Pokemon.


We create the Pokemon stickers design in chibi style because it allows the whole body incorporated into small stickers. But our favourite part of the stickers are a famous Pokemon’s quote wordplay which we find very vivacious and playful

So, what are you waiting for?. Let’s sending out the Pokemon stickers to your aspiring trainer friends out there to encourage them to catch ’em all.

Use Bobble Pokeworld sticker now, free download here.

Petshopbox Studio, reboot, reborn, restart!


“This is our 10th anniversary!”

That was my opening speech at our birthday back in December last year. The actual date of Petshopbox Studio’s birthday is still a hot debate between co-founders. The original Petshop Studio was formed in December 2002, but after a couple of years without activity it was restarted as Petshopbox Studio in September 2005. We just happy that we can reach 10 years old when other businesses struggling on their 3rd birthday.

To be honest, 2015 was quite rocky journey for us. Should say that it was a depression inducing moments for co-founders who literally worked our ass off to keep Petshopbox Studio from bankruptcy.

Entering 2016, we have new legal name PT. Areumdaun Citra Kreasi which means creation of beautiful images. Since we change almost everything in Petshopbox Studio, I think it’s wise to say that we are now reboot reborn restart. This is new Petshopbox Studio. And since now we will celebrate our birthday at every 26th Jan. I just can’t believe how relieving it is to know exactly when your birthday is, since I never really took it really seriously and just looked at it as another date to have an office celebration. I guess I was terribly wrong about it.

So, besides new name, what’s new?

First of all, now we have sales team. We implemented working satisfactory analytics system. After years focusing on hiring fresh university graduates, now we decided to build team with experienced designers came from all across Java island.

We also got asked many times if we have a plan to create a product. And hopefully this year we will be able to start Petshopbox Studio’s first product, which we hope could help startups from all over the world to leverage their digital marketing method. Please looking forward for it.

And we come back to our roots and decided to once again focusing on creating illustration which is always been our strong point. We started back in 2005 as illustration studio. Trend brought us here and there, introduced us to many design style, but we’d love to implemented all our knowledge that we gathered on these 10 years into the creation of illustration on digital stickers, websites, mobile apps, mobile games, graphic design, e-learning modules and any other design area. We believe that today, when design become more flat, simple and generic, illustration can scale up your brand value especially in marketing area.

Last but not least, we hope that we can walking together as more solid team than before, grow up together and build better and bigger Petshopbox Studio to become eminent creative agency in Indonesia. We also like to thanking all of you petzcrews, x-petzcrews, clients, freelancers, outsources, friends, family, acquaintances, that have been with us all this time, forgive our mistakes and miscommunications (it happens too many times I can’t remember the last time we didn’t have some miscommunications, hahaha) and trust us to share our knowledge and experience to help you solve your problems with creative approach.

Thank you,

Tini & Tono LINE Available Now on LINE Sticker Store


Goes vintage. That was our concept when we were planning for our next Line Creators Market sticker. Tini and Tono are brother and sister characters from Indonesia’s elementary school book. Indonesian are quite nostalgic about these characters, so we think it would be cool to fuse classic characters with modern expression.

The original Tini & Tono design from ’90s is monochrome, mostly printed in black, dark blue or dark green ink. But since the newest school books are full color, we add vibrant color to enhance its modern feels but maintain its bold black outline style.



The words on Tini & Tono stickers slang words used mostly by big cities teenagers from Java island. It’s rooted in Indonesia language, and even though most areas in Indonesia are using their own ethnic language but this kind of slang are well known among teenagers since its constant used on television drama and advertising.

Tini & Tono sticker pack are consist of 40 stickers with general expressions for daily use. It’s already available on Line Creators Market Indonesia region only and can be purchased for $1.

Currently only available in Indonesia region

Sticker Talk Talkshow, Learn About LINE Creators Market from The Expert


Indonesia was famous as one of the most creative country in Southeast Asia. So it’s not a big surprise that there are many digital sticker designer in Indonesia. Around last month we were asked to become a co-founder of Stickeren (in English means: CoolSticker), community for Indonesia digital sticker designer together with our fellow from Jotter Pro and Segocha.

After a couple of small meetups, now we’re ready for something quite big. By Friday, 4th September 2015, we will held the first Sticker Talk. It would be a gathering for digital sticker designer or those who interested to enter the digital sticker industry. There will be presentation about digital sticker too:

Sticker Talk

  • Line Creators Market Industry: Insight, Metric and Passive Income; will be presented by Xin Jun Long from Jotter Pro and Chandra WS from Segocha. As top ranking stickers designer, they will share about the lucrative world of digital sticker and how it would become a good passive income for designers.
  • How To Submit Your Line Creators Market Sticker; will be presented by Kuswanto from Petshopbox Studio. He will share about how to prepare and submit your sticker design to Line Creators Market reviewer so it wouldn’t suffer delay due to too many revisions.
  • Line Creators Market Success Story: Bangkarawah; he was one of the most selling digital sticker on Line Creators Market Indonesia. The presentation will be held in panel discussion style emphasizing on his success story and tips for another designer who intended to follow his steps.

The first Sticker Talk would be more about Line Creators Market. As the second mostly used chat app in Indonesia, Line Creators Market was consider as the most attractive platform for Indonesia designer. It was proven as a lucrative platform, most sticker designer start their career on Line Creators Market and some of them succeed to rack impressive amount of money from their stickers.

Sticker Talk would not become a reality if not because of our beloved sponsor, Bober Tropica which provide the place and dinner meal for all participants. Our media partner idGeekGirls, @InfoBdg and Rase FM which help us spread the words. And if you like to join us in the amazing world called digital sticker industry, register yourself and please come early at the d-day because we have secret gifts for the earliest attendees.

See you at the Sticker Talk.