Weekly Inspiration #1541

If its one thing that we hate the most to be living in Indonesia is the internet. We just moved to new office building, and all the hassle happened during its installation process almost made all happiness  gone. After two weeks, now we have proper internet connections. Last week we missed Weekly Inspiration. But this week we’re back into the game. Hope they inspired you and enjoy!.


Jump by Laroslav Lazuno

Doctor Emoticons by Anna Litvinuk

Megaman by Chili D


AppleJack Logo by Artua

Micro Elephant by BrandBerry

PicLab – Fun Photo Editing by Roberto Nickson


Just or fun by theirison

Make a Wish by keepwalking07 

Burda by ibrahimabutouq


DC Valentine Cards

Brossie by TaylorSays

Chinese New year envelope by TokiDoki

Peacock by Michelle Doherty


Paper Planes by jinzilla

Blonde Geisha by yuudream

Angel of Fire by garun


Gig Poster For The Black Keys by Bobby O`Herlih

Carnival of The Animals CD Packaging by Katherine Blount

The Happiness Bottle by MIKA


Graphic Carnaval Papercraft Mask by INK Studio

2013 calendar for kids by Gyongyi Balough

Illustration for Oxford University Press by Katri Valkamo