Weekly Inspiration #1510

The 2nd week of year 2013 is very busy. Maybe we had holiday for too long and now we’re busy finishing all projects that left unfinished last year. No matter how busy we was, we won’t forget to compile the most inspirational artworks. We really hope they will inspire you too. Enjoy!


Workspace Icon by Ryan Putnam

Socket Panda by Gert Jan Lodder

Arrow by Izaac Alencar


Elf child by sakimichan

Geisha by orangejive

Sakura by ZiyoLing


Lannister by Andy Hall

Joya by Michael Flarup

New IOS App design by Julien Renvoye


No-Noise De-branded Design by Selfridges

Wikipedia “Living Mark” Logo by Moving Brand

Revealing The Truth “Vincent Van Gogh” by Tadao Cern

How Advertising Agencies Get Their Names Infographic by Rob & Joe