Tutorial: Coloring “Fallen Raven” with Adobe Photoshop2

There are different variations of manga style. One of them is Gothic Manga. In Gothic Manga, the drawing style is still manga (Japanese comic style) but usually characters and backgrounds are in gothic theme. Gothic theme often depicted with mystery, darkness, death and wound. In this tutorial i will give you step-by-step drawing manga in gothic style.

  1. Scan your drawing. Set 300 dpi grayscale when you’re scanning. Open your scanned image using Photoshop application, on menu image > mode choose  RGB color . Then make new layer for basic color. Put basic color using paint bucket tool. Because we want a gothic feeling on the drawing, try to use the color Black, Red and White. You can also use another colors but remember to stay on the dark shades of colors instead of the bright ones :) Look at pictures below for details.

    step 02_1

    step 02_2

  2. Put strong shading on the image. Don’t forget to add black smokey eyes or black nail polish on the characters. Those will add the gothic feeling on your drawing.

    step 03

  3. Since my drawing is a fan-art, I put  tattoos on my character . They refer to the real tattoo of Ville Vallo (the vocalist of HIM) . Look at picture below for details.

    step 04

  4. Then I add a dark cloud  on the background to give gloomy effect on the drawing. Once again, you can use another color for your drawing just remember, psychedelic and monochrome aren’t really your best friends to create a gothic feeling.

    step 05

  5. Then you will need to flatten the image and use the .jpg type of it. You can do this in two ways (pick one) :
    1. Go to Menu Layer > Flatten Image or;

    step 06_1

    2. Go To menu File > Save as .jpg

    step 06_02

    After that, open your .jpg type of file,  now we will give some dramatic effect on the image. Go to Menu > Filter > Distort > Diffuse Glow. Adjust the graininess, glow amount, clear amount until you’re satisfy with the result. This action will give a pale effect on the character, because as you know, pale characters look great in a gothic-themed image. Look at pictures below for details.

    step 06_3

    step 06_4

  6. I also add photo filter “sepia”to give the picture a dramatic color effect. To do this, you can go to image > adjustment > Photo filter > choose the color “sepia”

    step 07_1

    step 07_2

  7. After that, give a little ornament on the background to balance the composition. Choose an elegant and dark ornament to match the theme. In this image I use a Finland ornaments because it suits the character and the theme.

    step 08

  8. As a final touch, I select the outline and give it colors to match the skin color. Last , I go again  to Menu > Filter > Distort > Diffuse Glow and set the graininess, glow amount and clear amount. It’s done now! m/

    step 09

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  • marjohn666valo

    that was pretty awesome!

    • Dies Light

      Yay! Thank you, darling ^^