Step by Step: Drawing Cute Anime Girl Face104

Step by Step: How To Draw Anime Girl Face

Anime has rising up recently, the adorable and expressive anime face has its magic to our eyes. now for you who are still learning how to draw and really interested in making anime character, I’ll give you basic anime face tutorial. OK, stop the talking and start the walking.

Since the anime face are the most expressive part of anime character, you need to pay extra attention on how they drawn.

We’ll start with the most popular anime eyes, the large anime female eyes.

The Eyes

Please remember to took the references from real eyes instead of manga eyes only. Just like this eye image bellow.


Start with upward curve line, and you also need to make it more thick.


Next, draw lower curve line, it supposed to shorter and more thin than the upper curve line. Add the eye lid at the left of upper curve line to make it more realistic.


Draw an oval shape within the upper and lower curve line.


Next, draw the pupil in the center of oval shape.


Add the shadow inside the eyeball.


And finally, add highlight at the upper and lower eyeball, please remember that the highlight determined where the light source came from. In this case the light source came from right side.


Other Face features

The nose was rarely drawn in anime, occasionally the nose represented by the wedge, shadow and nostrils. You can simplify it by just drawing wedge to represent the nose.


The lips occasionally defined by 3 line, upper short line, middle line and shorter curve line for the lower lip. In the case of women lip, the middle line often defined by “v” shape line. You even can simplify it by removing the lower and upper lip, and leaving the middle lines.


The ears in anime occasionally drawn with lobe directly attached and simple helix. for the simplified version, the helix removed and only leaving simple curve line.


Face Shape

For the beginning, draw a circle. You don’t have to make it perfect circle, a round look shape would do fine.


Draw a cross along your character face, this line will act as guideline to the character facial features.


Divide the half of horizontal guideline into two. It would guide you, where you gonna put the character eyeballs.


Also remember that the distance between eyes are equal with one eye. Too close or too wide will make your character looks like a weirdo.


Add the nose and lips, always refer to the guide line.


Add the eyeball, pupil and the ears. Remember that the ears are parallel with the eyes.


Add the eyebrows and the hair and Viola! You are done!


I will cover how to draw hair in the next tutorial. I hope you are enjoying my tutorial, subscribe to our RSS feed for the next manga tutorial.

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    • http://kuyachan.deviantart.com Nika Trie

      hi, teo hui ping, thx for visiting our blog page. btw for sketching i use fabercastle 2B pencil, both ordinary pencil or mechanical pencil. but off course it depend on your preference , ordinary pencil would fit enough for making base shapes, and mechanical for the details. in order to draw properly, try to draw freely with confident and avoid erasing too much, if you feel the work look messy, you can use blue pencil for basic shape.

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      plus I think it counted like my first. I guess my practice really did pay off. :D
      if someone is having trouble and is reading this I say PRACTICE.
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      • animeghost1

        I think she checked it out cause she was trying to confirm that her drawing methods are done properly. Well that’s why i’m here..

        I don’t see why someone has to rub it in ones face if they can draw better though.

        Excellent tutorial btw

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    I am very much new to trying to draw, and have a long way to go before I would even think of myself as any good. But I follow the thing step by step, I was trying to learn to get face shapes right. But my face came out looking… well elongated, And when I Was watching .gif part of the last one I took note of something, After the area for the cheeks and chin is done and it switches to the one about where to place the eyes, the whole drawing gets shorter, measuring it with my mouse it shortens up by more than the entire length of the mouse, and it’s not just being off center compared to the rest of the ones, because the bottom part does not move.

    When the hair is added in at the last one it’s over the length of the mouse, I understand the hair will be higher than the original circle was but why is there nothing telling about having shortened the drawing, I can’t help but fell that’s why my face looks so much longer than the finished picture.

    I looked though all the comments and saw no one say anything about this. And don’t get me wrong here, I am very thankful for the help this has given me in learning to draw, it helped a good bit. However I can’t help but fell something was left out that if told would have helped and I would have been able to match the face closer than what it came out as.

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      Usually the head will looks longer after the hair being placed. Try to draw the hair above the head circle a bit. Try it by make two arch lines to the left and right start in the middle of the head.

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