This Is War! Epic Illustrations0

We want world peace! Ok, but story about battle between the good and the bad is always and interesting stories. In illustrator’s hands, war is more than just interesting, they are epic! Uniformed soldiers with big guns a blasts and fantastical mechas. So cool! Please don’t get us wrong, we wanted world peace as much as you do, but we hope you can enjoy these war themes illustrations as much as we do too. Enjoy!

1920s Soldier by Ramida R. (Ploy)

Soviet Machinegunner by Vadim aka. slipgatecentral

soldier on!! by gendy mohamed aka. Carravagio

Soldier by chocosweete

Burn by Russell aka. A-dPt

Commander by Nicole Cardiff aka. thegryph

Wasteland by Rebecca aka. Crossfire322

Robot Control by Jef Wall aka. ZephyrChef

Snowflakes by Yuriy Mazurkin

Biohazard by Zazukudap

rising of Aisingiorroの by xi zhang aka. ramzes

Battle Looming by David S. Hong


dwarves army by khang-le

Summer Rampage 2008 by Andrea Uderzo

Spartacus by lin wenjun aka. junc

Rocket Packs by Kazu Kibuishi

Micro Tanks by Kai Spannuth

Modern War Illustration by John Staub aka. dustsplat

The Lost Age Marauders by Henryca Citra aka. henryz

motherland by Daryl Mandryk

Hardkor44 by Maciej Kuciara

Rainbow Six Patriots by SeedSevenArt

Snatch by Marek aka. OmeN2501

Prototype by Laurent Pierlot aka. Baktopur

100 Years of Force by Kai Lim aka. ukitakumuki

Patrol by Ignacio Bazán Lazcano aka. neisbeis

Missile Launch by Alexander Iglesias aka. flyingdebris

Mech Assault by Robin Olausson aka. eWKn

War Zone by Michael See aka. kerko

NoBotsArea by sergi aka. Brosa

Hill Battle by Jan Ditlev Christensen

Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey by Eric Spitler