40 Illustrative 404 Web Page You Must Visit 0

Most of time you’ll get angry when you can’t find something on the internet and landing on 404 Error page. But now you can smile for something you can’t find on the internet, because we’d love to show you some creative illustration based 404 Web Page from several website.  Go check ‘em out.

Weekly Inspiration #91 0

Kumi’s 6 New Costumes 1

It’s just 2 weeks ago we posted blog about Mozilla Firefox Indonesia community Mascot, Kumi, in batik costume. And now, Kumi have 6 new costumes. Mozilla Firefox Indonesia Community have big plan to create Kumi wearing all traditional costumes in Indonesia. So happy. Wait no longer, here are Kumi’s newest costumes.

Horrifying Awesome Zombie Attack 0

Last year, we create blog about zombie because we’re so amazed by Resident Evil the movie. Now, we really can’t wait for The Walking Dead newest series. But, we need something more cool, more horror, and here comes zombies attack. What can be more horror than dead human chasing you and trying to eat your brain. Bet you will do everything it takes to defend your life. Fortunately that was only on movie. For now, let’s just enjoying illustrations about people get attacking by the living dead. Happy horror.

Character Design Halloween Promo has started! 1

Affordable Character Design


Trick or treat!!! Halloween is in the way, and we love to celebrate halloween with something that you gonna love. October 10th – November 15th is Halloween Promo here in Petshopbox Studio. We give discount for every character design order, now you only need to pay $120 for the first character pose (previously $149), and $40 for each next pose using the same character (previously $49). That’s mean, start from $29 saving compare to our regular price. That’s what we call a treat!

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Weekly Inspiration #90 1

Hi Monday….this is brand new day, brand new week for us. Lets get up guys! do something for your life, give the best thing in you! Hopefully you’ll get inspired from our new weekly inspiration, Rise and shine everyone, Enjoy!

40 Smoke Brushes For Photoshop 0

Do you like drawing or make an illustration on Photoshop? You can try smoke brushes for Photoshop, because it will help you to create a myriad of mysterious effects, make your design or illustration more real and dramatic. We got 40 smoke brushes for you, lets check it out, don’t forget to try and enjoying the effects you can get!

Rockin’ Character in Two Wheels 2

Motorcycle or motorbike was designed and built at 1855 by the German investor Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Bad Canstatt, Germany. Motorcycle technology was developed year by year, now we have many kind of motorcycle: mopeds, chopper, racing, scooter, trail and many more. In the big metropolitan cities people using motorcycle to avoid congested urban traffic. Many illustrator got inspired by motorcycle cool appearance. So here they are, The awesome illustrations of motorcycle, enjoy it guys!

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