Weekly Inspiration #126 0

Another Monday, Another busy day. Another Monday, another weekly inspiration. We have so many good times last week that makes today weekly inspirations is so colorful. Hope you enjoy them :)

Fantastical World of Ghibli 0

This month, 27 years ago Hayao Miyazaki, Isao Takahata and Toshio Suzuki founded Ghibli Studio in Japan. Ghibli word meaning hot wind from Sahara desert and the name was picked because they want to blow new wind through the japanese anime industry. Now, Ghibli might be the most famous anime studio outside Japan. Many fans collecting memorabilias, DVDs or even tattooed their body with Ghibli’s lovable character. We picked the best Ghibli fan art from many illustrators all across the globe. Hope you enjoy them as we does :)

Weekly Inspiration #125 0

Some of our crew just got back from attending some events in Jakarta and Singapore. We bet they feel really tired. However, sunshine are shining bright and it is really hot. We guess summer is finally arrive. We have summer spirit here, hope you do too :)


The Magnificent Under the Sea Illustrations 0

We know more space than the sea. The sea always kept mistery, and it also drives inpirations. Here are plenty magnificent unthe the sea illustrations.

Petshopbox Studio at StartUp Asia Jakarta 2012 0

Last week, at 7-8 June, Tech In Asia (previously known as PennOlson) held StartupAsia Jakarta 2012. This is not the first start-up event in Indonesia, but definitely, at least until now, is the prestigious one.

Weekly Inspiration #124 1

Today is Monday! Are you excited to see our Weekly Inspiration for this week?? Cause we are!. Enjoy and have a nice Monday :).

The Mighty 12 Olympians Illustrations 0

They are immortal and live at top of olympus mountain, some people called them “twelve Olympians”, but most of us known them as God and Goddess of Greek, They have their own power and their own story. Not only their story that we could admire but the illustration that inspired by them are also amazing. Enjoy! :D

Sugar Coated Illustration 0

Sweets it’s just like a guilty pleasure, if we eat too much of it,  it wont good for our health but it taste really good and make us feel good too. These illustrations are as sweet as sweets, so enjoy!

Weekly Inspiration #123 1

1…2…3…What a beautiful number we have for today blog edition. There are so many things that could inspired people in many ways. For us, great illustration and amazing photograph are the one that can boost our spirit. Enjoy!

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