Weekly Inspiration #160

NifCoon/Hanif is join us back after a week absence from illness. As a gift for his return, i put his inspirations first before the rest of the Petz. This is our inspirations for this week. Be Inspired!


Angel of Nothing by Gambear1er

Dissidia by Teh Rei

Skin.6.upgraded by Betteo

Poppy Betharia

Artwork by Gianmarco Magnani

Send Help SOS Sakura Artwork by Nook


Submerged by Daniel Conway

Twins by Hgjart

Poppy Yunita

Wet Kis by Tir-ri

Cacophony by Biffno

Insomnia by Bagger043


American Illustrations by Christoph Niemann

Illustrate Your World by Lim Si Ping

Magic Bottle by Maciej Mizer a.k.a. mOsk


UDON Art of CAPCOM Cover by Arnistotle

Vampire by Nolaj

Zelda Cooks Marshmallow for Owl Youngling by Ghostpatrol


Cattus Praecipio of Nex by Archan Nair

Ilustration by Mydeadpony

Mega Munny by 64 Colors


Teeth and Tooth by Alexander Jansson

T-shirt for Tattoofest Brand by Jakub Kujawa