Illustration Of The Most Haunted Japanese Ghost1

Hello! How’s your Friday? I hope you guys enjoy it. Okay, now I would ask you, What a scary thing for you? I bet most of you would answer the ghost. Well yes, ghost will always make you scared. But it seems like, most artists are not afraid of ghost, they make the ghost as an inspiration in their artwork. And now we’d love to show you some awesome illustration of Japanese Ghost. Check ‘em out.

Yurei Japanese Ghost by Samurairoma

Bakemono by Genzoman

Karasu Tengu by Goshseiko

They Used to Bow by Hibbary

Yokai Rock by Riorock

The Kappa by Droopbomb

The Kappa by AllendouglasStudio

Kuske YamabikoDS by Kyan-dog

Tengu by Droopbomb

Little Red Oni Slayer by Gorrem

Snow Spirit by Nightblue-Art

Neko by Macgreen

Nohkan Mask Party by Takeru-San

Yokai Tale by Point2point

Bored Little Ghost by Risachantag

Gephydrophobia by Jason Raish

ファイヤー猫 by Yumehito

Faceless Ghost by Jasminetoad

Kitsune by Jasminetoad

Jorogumo by Farothiel

Tengu by Flying-Fox

Youkai Party by Liea

Hipster Tengu by D-pi

Anima: Tengu by Wen-M

Tengu by gorrem

Yokai Dreams by Tom Bagshaw

Kamakiri-Onna by Sheba-Windstorm

The Kappa Show by Mizuno Junko

Sobakemono by Laumann

Yokai by DeDorgoth

  • Holly Hitt Ezell

    Although I don’t get some of the more “gruesome” stuff (I’m old after all!), you have some really great illustrations. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know I used the programmer vector, along with credit, on one of my blogs. Keep up the great work.