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2010 will be the year of Tiger. And tiger is one of the most favorite object to draw by many artist. We like the traditional Red and Gold colors Chinese use for new year occasion, but we also like more color and more variety of style. Happy tiger new year. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Tiger by Aldo Ortega

Eltaiger by Aldo Ortega

Tiger by Alexander Beeching

Shere Khan lies in wait for young Mowgli by Alexander Beeching

Tiger by Amy Wilson

Zoo Billboard by Amy Wilson

Tiger by artupida

Tiger by artupida

Tiger by Ayem

Fire Tiger by Ayem

Tiger by beastofoblivion

Tiger Fu Sketch by beastofoblivion

Tiger by centauria

Tiger by centauria

Tiger by chaoslavawolf

Candle Flies Tiger by chaoslavawolf

Tiger by Charlene Chua

The Hunted by Charlene Chua

Tiger by Chicken Billy

El Tigre by Chicken Billy

Tiger by chihhang

Year of Tiger by chihhang

Tiger by Dafne

Tiger by Dafne

Tiger by denis13

New Year of Tiger greeting card by denis13

Tiger by Edgardo Martinez

Tiger by Edgardo Martinez

Tiger by End of the Line

Tiger Beer Digital Design by End of the Line

Tiger by exxorian

Papercut Tiger by exxorian

Tiger by Goncharden

Tiger by Goncharden

Tiger by jengslizer

Wing Tiger by jengslizer

Tiger by kankakanka

Dark Tiger Fire by kankakanka

Tiger by Karin Charlotte

Tiger II by Karin Charlotte

Tiger by kenket

Seven of Hearts: bengal tiger by kenket

Tiger by Kiril Balkanov

Tora by Kiril Balkanoff

Tiger by koey

Chinese New Year (Tiger) by koey

Tiger by Lawrence Charles Mann

Big Cats by Lawrence Charles Mann

Tiger by Leigh Young

Tiger Print by Leigh Young

Tiger by Mariyumi

Tiger-ish by Mariyumi

Tiger by Muhoho-Seijin

Year of Tiger by muhoho-seijin

Tiger by phill-p

Evanescent Tiger by phill-p

Tiger by Raseri

Tiger by Raseri

Tiger by Samuel Pedrosa

Tigre - Tiger by Samuel Pedrosa

Tiger by sandara

Whirlwind Tiger by sandara

Tiger by TSnow

Zodiac - Tiger by TSnow

Tiger by willustration

The Sleeping Tiger by willustration

Tiger by XianJaguar

Temple of the Tiger by XianJaguar

Tiger by xiaobaosg

Tiger Gold by xiaobaosg

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    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon! Nice post Sis, inspiring!

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      Thank you…Hope you a wonderful tiger new year.

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