The Adventures of Zakumi2

Zakumi is The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Mascot. The name ‘Zakumi’ is a composition of ‘ZA’ standing for South Africa and ‘kumi’, which translates into ‘10′ in various languages across Africa. Zakumi has his own comic strip created by Stephen Francis and Rico, the creative minds behind the successful “Madam and Eve” comic strip in South Africa. Zakumi comics tell about his adventures. Zakumi realised he had to leave the reserve to fulfill his destiny, and he has therefore set off on a huge adventure through Africa. On this journey he will learn lots about places, customs and traditions of the continent, as well as showing off his remarkable football skills. We in Petshopbox Studio think that Zakumi is the best mascot of World Cup so far. Follow Zakumi’s adventures on FIFA official website


  • martin emir from argentina

    i like zakumi !! i think he is the best mascot of all world cup,thanks for the comic strips!! bye!

  • Diego Meneghello

    Agreed with Martin. I really liked these comics, too bad all of them are not here, I’m searching for them in different sites, but noy even the official one, has them all…