List of Very Well Designed Birds Games0

List of Very Well Designed Birds Games

If you have mobile gadgets, it’s a huge chance that you have Angry Birds on your gadget. Also, it’s a huge chance that you have another game that have birds as its main characters. Angry Birds really change the game landscape. Before Angry Birds huge success, it was hard to find a game that have birds as their main characters. But now, you can find thousands of them. We picked our favorite game that have birds as their main characters, beside Angry Birds. Which one is your favorite?


If you try to search in iOS app store, there are two Birzzle game: Line Birzzle and Birzzle Pandora. Both have similar game character design and gameplay, but Birzzle Pandora design have more 3D shading than Line Birzzle. Birzzle is drag & drop block puzzle game where you have to lining up the same type of birds. Birzzle gameplay are easy to understand, the whole game design is really cute and colorful. If you manage to line the same type of birds, they will burst, burned or explodes. Sounds gory, but somehow they manage to make it looks very cute.

Birzzle is avaible for: iOS / Android / Windows8

Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings are one button arcade game that totally addictive. In Tiny wings you play as a bird that want to fly but its wings are so tiny. So you slide down the hills, build a momentum, flap your wings and fly. You play against yourself to reach the highest score or the longest distance. Tiny Wings game design looks like watercolor painting. It has textures and the game itself is very colorful, but the color was so soft, not vibrant like most game does. If you like the background music, it also available for download.

Tiny Wings is available for: iOS

Lucky Birds

Lucky Birds are arcade puzzle game. The gameplay is very simple, you have to send all birds home to their nest by toss them using electricity wires before sunset. The game is over when all the birds are safe and sound on their nest or when the sunset and all the birds are dead. Lucky Birds design is real good because they tend to use one color spectrum that make this game looks far more simple comparing to another mobile game. The birds are not just in one position, but they will rotating in the air. It’s really fun to see.

Lucky Birds is availabe for: iOS / Android / Samsung Bada

Egg vs. Chicken

Created by Play First who brought us Dinner Dash. Egg vs. Chicken is a story of teenage rivalry in one farm. The eggs got bullied by the chickens, and one day they decided to fight back. Pretty funny right?. Egg vs. Chicken is strategic puzzle game where you have to line up same type of eggs and then launched them to defeat the chickens. You have many types of eggs, and many types of chickens,and you should use specific type of egg to beat specific type of chicken. I really like the way the chicken walking, they kind of swaying their body make them looks like a bully or gangsters. And it’s really fun and challenging game to play also.

Egg vs. Chicken is available for: iOS / Windows PC

Bird Zapper

Skippy the squirrel live a comfortable life in electricity pole, until the pesky birds hijacked the power lines. Bird Zapper is puzzle game where you have to swapping the same type of birds when they line up to zap them all. Skippy is very cute in the beginning of the game, but its facial expressions turns out to be a bit lunatic when its zapping all the birds down. The game design is very colorful and details. I’m sure you cannot not laugh to see the birds expressions when they got zapped. It’s just simply hilarious.

Bird Zapper! is available for: iOS

Lil’ Birds

Lil’ birds is simulation game where you have feed, breed and try to collect all birds with color combination available. You can also trade your birds with your facebook friends, find rare birds by playing mini games and try to complete game goals. Just like another simulation game, all birds in Lil’ Birds using generic design, so they all have same shape. The differences are in its colors and patterns. The background colors are quite soft, it makes the birds’ bright colors looks more attractive. It’s really fun to play because the birds don’t stop moving, they’re hopping, flying, blinking, whatever you think the real birds would do. But in cute way.

Lil' Birds

Lil’ Birds is available for: iOS

Shoot The Zombirds

In Shoot The Zombirds, you become Pumpkin Boy. You have to defend Pumpkids from being abducted by zombirds. Even though this game have a very strong halloween feels on it, I believe that shooter game is everytime game. I really like Shoot The Zombirds game design. Simple details like night clouds that drifted slowly, the foggy landscape, luminescence lights, all that make it feels like animated halloween cards.

Shoot The Zombirds is available for: iOS / Android

That’s the list of our favorite Birds Game. They are very well designed, and the gameplay is fun too. Now, it’s your turn to tell us your favorite birds game. Write to us, we’d love to hear your opinions :)