50 Creative Christmas Gift For Illustrator and Designer2

This year Christmas is coming. Everybody planing to buy their family or special one. What if one of your family or colleagues are illustrator or designer? They are creative workers. You can’t give ‘em a common things as the gift, it should an unique and creative. We’d like to to give you some best unique and cool Christmas gift for designer or illustrator.

Artbook : Cover Run – Adam Hughes

Christmas Gift 1
Art book is the most exclusive thing for the illustrator, especially from the famous artists like Adam Hughes. The “DC Comics Art of Adam Hughes” is 208 pages hardcover book collection the best of Eisner Award winner Adam Hughes’s spectacular, sexy covers for WONDER WOMAN, CATWOMAN and other DC series. If your friends are a DC fan, you should give this art book as a present.

Artbook : PRIMSTONE Range Murata

Christmas Gift 2
Every illustrator has a different style. This art book is very valuable as a gift to your friend who liked manga style. Range Murata is famous illustrator from Japan.

Artbook : Heavy Metal – Imaginary Friends Studios

Christmas Gift 3
This art book was from Imaginary Friends Studios, Singapore. IFS crew are very famous on DeviantArt. Its founder, Stanley “Artgerm” Law, has become hall of fame in DeviantArt. Many users in Deviant Art want this artbook so badly. So this art book can be the best thing for the Christmas gift.

Artbook : Pepper Project – Imaginary Friends Studios

Christmas Gift 4
Pepper is the character created by Stanley “Artgerm” Law. This artbook is the collection of pepper illustration made by Artgerm itself and other fan art. Pepper is famous character, if your best friend love pepper, this art book will be the best present ever.

dA PRO Digital Artist Backpack

Christmas Gift 5
This bag is from DeviantArt, a real perfect present for your heavy user of DeviantArt. This bag can put a laptop, a drawing stuff, and book. Also this is a cool bag for artist.

Medium Leather Journal

Christmas Gift 6
The unique style for a journal. The hardcover will protect the content. The classic style is perfect for a present for your parents for Christmas. The cover use  Bron Lokta paper.

Felt Pencil Case

Christmas Gift 7
Another unique pencil case. It’s eco-friendly and classic design will keeps your pens and pencils together. The pencil case is made from 3mm natural gray felt and its edges are finished with a red-threaded stitching

Icons: The DC Comics & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee

Christmas Gift 8
One of the most successful and popular artists to work in comics, Jim Lee is revered by fans worldwide thanks to his hyper-dynamic artwork and innovative character and costume design. This art book is the best thing for Christmas gift to your colleagues who love DC Comics.

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt by ThinkGeek

Christmas Gift 9
This t-shirt will detect if there any Wi-Fi signal around you. Really cool stuff if you want give it to your close friend who love internet.

App Magnet

Christmas Gift 10
App magnet is a fun stuff for any iPhone users. Because the design really look like the app icon from  iPhone.

Photoshop Magnet Kit

Christmas Gift 11
If you like photo editing software, we are sure that you will love this kit. This Photoshop-themed magnets are the best way to stick your photos to the fridge or to any other metal surface with companion of Photoshop palette.

The set comprises 13 magnets which will be very familiar to anyone who has used the photo editing software, they replicate the menus and tool bars.

Glowing Keyboard Stickers

Christmas Gift 12
Use this stickers to your keyboard. Too bad it’s not a glowing in the dark but it will give your letters on black keyboard have glow effect.

LEGO Star Wars Minifig Alarm Clock

Christmas Gift 13
This is really a cool stuff for all fan boys. It would be comforting to know Lord Vader was watching over you, especially when you squint at him in the morning, rubbing sleep from your little Sith eyes and see that you have two more hours until you have to wake up for school.  May the force be with you all the time!

Adobe App Pillows

Christmas Gift 14
For the designer or illustrator must be familiar with Adobe application. So here’s the pillows of most famous Adobe Creative Suites. You can relax your body after working using Adobe CS.

Walls Notebook

Christmas Gift 15
Graffiti is now all around the world. If you want to do some graffiti, make sure you have this notebook. You can practice here with different walls. Give it as present to your friends who wants to be a graffiti artist.

The iPhone SLR Mount

Christmas Gift 16
Photography are really cool. But how if you want take a good shoot with only your iPhone? No problem, here’s the iPhone SLR Mount.  With this lens you will be able take pro shot like. Perfect  gift for your special one who love photography with iPhone.

Murder Ink

Christmas Gift 17
Note are very important for the designer or illustrator. They write every schedule, every important information in their note. Now writing in the note will be so much fun with this Murder Ink.

Nest Smart

Christmas Gift 18
Nest is brilliant thing you should have in your house. This thing can keep your energy in your house stay at the balance.

Belkin’s Conserve Valet

Christmas Gift  19
Charging your gadget will be so much tidy with Belkin’s Conserve Valet. You can charge more than one gadget at the same time without any cables tangled.


Christmas Gift 20
Most of clock will show you the time with numbers. But Qlocktwo will show you the time with words. It’s very unique and creative way to see time.


Christmas Gift 21
Have wondering what time in other part of the world? Well, with DoubleQ you can set two time. One is for local time, and other the other time you wanted to know.

USB Grenade Flash Drive

Christmas Gift 22
This is really cool stuff. You can give it as present to your close friend who really love guns or any weapon.

Darth Vader USB Hub

Christmas Gift 23
With this, you are not only join Darth Vader to the dark side, but also join him with his USB Hub. Really cool stuff for the fan boys.

Nintendo Reversible Messenger Bag

Christmas Gift 24
Gamer will love this bag. With Nintendo joystick design will bring you back to the time of you are a childhood. Someone please give me as Christmas present.

Ear Ring

Christmas Gift 25
Haven’t you heard? There’s a fun new way to keep track of your keys! Ear Rings are a simple, clever idea – a jewel-toned silicone ear pierced with a heavy duty split ring. Available in four colors.

Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella

Christmas Gift 26
In the rain, you still look cool with this Blade Runner Umbrella. The stick can glow when you press the button.

Darth Vader Bread Imprinting Toaster

Christmas Gift 27
You will get deserved by Darth Vader in the morning. This Bread Toaster is very valuable stuff for the Star Wars fans.

Classic Star Wars Movie Posters

Christmas Gift 28
If you are a fan boys and love Star Wars. You must have one of this Classic Star Wars Movie Posters. The One f the best Sci-Fi movie in the world. The best way tribute to George Lucas.

Into Focus Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Christmas Gift 29
If you are photographer, you will love this Mug. The design look like the lens of your camera. Best friend when you hunting a photo.

Tuned Up

Christmas Gift 30
Trick out your state-of-the art iPhone in this totally retro audio cassette cover. Tuned Up may look like an out-dated mix tape, but its resilient silicone construction offers state-of-the-art protection. Flip over the clear outer case and you have a swell stand to prop your iPhone up and watch your favorite 80’s videos.

Back to the Future Lights and Sound Mark I Delorean

Christmas Gift 31
This is really cool toy for the fans of Back To The Future. The miniature car from the Movie, really collectible item.

Social Media Fridge Magnets

Christmas Gift 32
Social media is everywhere. Put this social media magnets kit, and your freezer will be so cool.

Tony Stark Light up LED Iron Man Shirt

Christmas Gift 33
If you love marvel, especially Iron Man. You should have this t-shirt. Glowing circle in the chest will be make you look like Tony Stark. Best Christmas gift for your close friend who really love Iron Man.

USB Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Christmas Gift 34
If the weather outside is frightful, shut the blinds. Crawl into your computer cave, bask in the festive glow of the USB Fiber Optic Christmas Tree, and feel all warm and fuzzy using your USB port to celebrate the season.

iPhone 4 Stacks Case

Christmas Gift 35
Six colored modular sections stack together to create a protective case, while still keeping your iPhone slim. The colorful modular pieces keep the case modern. Slide and interlock the different stackable pieces for a customizable look for your iPhone.

Primavera Vase

Christmas Gift 36
Don’t throw out your used bottle, make it a part of a lovely vase. The product is made of metal.

Arrow Books Holder

Christmas Gift 37
A metal holder is hidden in the last book cover. The magnetic arrow is drawn to the metal holder, thus creating a floating illusion.

iCADE – iPad Arcade Cabinet

Christmas Gift 38
Your iPad will look like so cool with this iCade. Remembering you to the arcade machine when you are a kid.

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad & iPhone

Christmas Gift 39
This is a brilliant thing. You can type right on the infra red. Use this for your iPad or iPhone. Best wireless keyboard ever.

Key Pete

Christmas Gift 40
The Magnetic Man. Superstrong and stylish, connect him to any metal surface and let him hold your keys! Can hold up to 30 keys.

Portal Bookends

Christmas Gift 41
This portal books holder is best for the Christmas gift. Your books on the rack will look cooler with this thing.

Crystal Cube Firejewel Necklace

Christmas Gift 42
The cool stuff you can give to your girlfriend. This necklace can glow. Girl love the glowing stuff, right?

Moleskine Covers For iPhone and iPad

Christmas Gift 43
Moleskine introduces two new hybrid tools designed for making it easier the simultaneous use of paper, phone and internet utilities: a Smartphone Cover compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS, and a Tablet Cover, iPad compatible. Both Covers are combined with blank notebook pages. They are conceived as analog-digital ultra-portable workstations for the contemporary nomads.

Pac Man Stapler

Christmas Gift 44
Pac Man is a legend in a video game world. With Pac Man Stapler you can play pac man in your office when you are working.

Tree of Charge

Christmas Gift 45
The adapters and such are hidden inside, so your charging station becomes a hub for everything but the wires and mess.

Voltaic Fuse 4W Solar Charger

Christmas Gift 46
The Fuse 4W Solar Charger is a lightweight way to add solar and battery power to any bag. It connects in seconds to bags, tents, bicycles and pretty much anyplace else you might need solar power.

Folding Ukulele

Christmas Gift 47
This is the same folding ukulele as the kit. You can really play this instrument.

Ion PowerPlay LP USB-Powered Vinyl-to-MP3 Turntable

Christmas Gift 48
Capture the music from your LPs and turn it into portable, flexible, digital MP3s that you can enjoy at home and on the go.

Moleskine x Star Wars Limited Edition Notebooks

Christmas Gift 49
To celebrate the legendary, inspirational and iconic visual design of the Star Wars
Saga, Moleskine introduces the exciting Star Wars limited-edition notebook collection.

Echo Smartpen Package

Christmas Gift 50
Echo smartpen are multifunction. You can record an audio, built in speaker, Transfers notes and audio to your computer and recharges your smartpen using a standard cable connection. This is really a brilliant stuff.

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