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Dimo Digital Sticker Is Available On iMessage and Telegram

screenshot-dimo_iPad - 4


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We have been working alongside Mozilla Indonesia Community for a couple of years. Last year we created red dinosaur mascot which later named Dimo.

Today, Dimo sticker published on iMessage sticker store. It is also available on Telegram.

screenshot-dimo_iPhone 7plus - 1

There are 25 expressions to spice up your texting. Dimo is a very expressive dinosaur after all. The best thing is, Dimo sticker is available for free.

If you are Mozilla product user, use Dimo to show your support to the Mozilla goals for open and accessible internet for all. If you are not Mozilla user, are you sure that you want to pass a sticker as cute as Dimo? Download now.

screenshot-dimo_iPhone 7plus - 3



3 Reasons Why Animation Is Expensive


“Why animation is expensive?” That’s the questions we received a lot from prospect clients who interested to order an animation or motion graphic.

We have to admit that animation price is indeed quite high. What surprising us is that the number of people that think that animation should be cheap because it is no more than just a moving images. Well, surprise. An animation is a combination of some creative works that need to be plan carefully since the very beginning.

If you want to create great animation for your product advertisement or campaign, here are some parts that affect animation cost.


animation infographic grapic design illustration

The animation is, in fact, a moving picture, bound to its running time. That’s why animators usually charge their client by per-second, per-10 second, per-30 seconds, and so on. Animation also cannot be drawn directly in the software, because the animator would not be able to tell how long each scene would become. That’s why the proper animation creation should start with a storyboard.

Storyboard might look like a comic, but it is like a script for an actor. Storyboard contains the whole story, a point of view, animation flow, dialog, and how long each part should become. Storyboards artists would not be able to create good storyboards if story, characters and dialog plan was not yet ready. An ideal cooperation is once clients give approval for the storyboards, there should not be any changes anymore, and animators can just translate the rough storyboards into the final animations.

But, of course, that not what usually happen. And of course, it’s not impossible to change the content even though the storyboard is already approved. However, the changes on storyboards mean that final animations would alter too. Sometimes, it makes the final animations longer or shorter. The other time, the changes made parts that already finished become unusable, and animators have to create new animation from beginning. One thing for sure, it would make an impact on how much clients should pay for the whole animation, because most designers will charge for the parts that already finish but not included on the final animation too.

And just because the entire process is performed on software, please don’t assume that the images will move just by clicking an enter on the keyboard. On most occasions, animators have to create each frames manually to make the animation look smooth. And draw 12-30 frames per second is surely not an easy job.


animation infographic grapic design illustration

A good animator will offer their client to create their music, or buy and tweak stock music from marketplaces. You should not trust an animator that say nothing when you asked him/her to put Justin Bieber songs on your animation. You should not use anyone else music without its author/singer permission, which makes you not allowed to use Justin Bieber songs on your animation by any mean unless you already pay for the copyrights or you have written permission from Justin Bieber himself.

Animators which not say anything, might not understand a lot about copyrights. Instead of worrying about the price you should pay for creating the music, you should be more worry that your animators give or use parts of your animation for his/her next clients.

The animator that offer you to create music might already partner with the music director. Besides music, you can also ask them to add sound effects throughout your animation to make it more appealing to your audience.


animation infographic grapic design illustration

So many people forgot that most animation should talk, and a human does a voice in animation. Dubbing price itself could cost 1/4-1/3 of all the animation expenses. Dubber usually chose based on their vocal characters and should have no distinct accent, unless your strategy required you to have it. For example word “Merikurisumasu” when speak by Japanese who is not fluent in English actually sounds a lot like “Merry Christmas” but still different. If these Japanese is your target market, you cannot hire an English fluent speaker to say Merikurisumasu by imitating how the Japanese would say it. It will sound a lot different, and your audience will notice it.

The dialog is something that people usually consider as less important, sometimes not seriously preparing it from the beginning, and pay a hefty price later. What happens the most is when the dubbing completed, clients find some words that they don’t like and would like to change it. And sometimes, they become angry when the animators charge quite a lot for the small changes.

Here is why. Most dubbers are charge per word. When clients modify the dialog from “we can’t do that” into “we shouldn’t do that,” they expect that they will be charged for one word only. But the dubber will record the whole four words. After all, how will you insert only the word “shouldn’t” into the long dialog and hoping it still sounds natural?

Recording studio also needs to be rented to record the dubber voice. Only recording one short paragraph also will only take like ten minutes in a recording studio. But, many recording studio charge per-12 or per-24 hours usage. That’s why many recording artists spend days inside recording studio to finish their album as quickly as possible to minimize the expenses. So for four words dialog, your client will be charged the same as the whole day recording.

How you calculate your animation rate all this time? What is your best and worst experience working on animation? If you need animation for your product introduction or marketing advertisement, contact us now for a free quotation.



3 Easy To Make Valentine Design Ideas


Valentine. One day in a year when almost everyone jumps on the wagon of baby pink color, heart shape, and balloons as their primary Valentine design ideas strategy. On the other hand, some brand cleverly walks around the bushes and combining the mainstreams with smart campaign strategy, which win them more audience engagement and conversion.

Yes, it hard to become creative when we already have that generic images printed on your brains due to years after years experiencing the same Valentine. Here are some easy to make Valentine design ideas that can help you have a catchy Valentine campaign.



Many of us already forgotten how a nicely done infographic can provide us with a lot of easy to digest information and also looking charming.

Infographics are still huge and still get a lot of share on social media, which is perfect for Valentine design ideas. If you dare, you can bring up a non-mainstream theme for your infographic to add a little fun into your Valentine campaign strategy. Check out these nicely done National Aquarium’s infographic about sea creatures’ love and Verizon’s about how people use their device when they are in love by Verizon

Motion Graphic


Videos gain much attention from marketers lately. In the risen of vloggers and life shoot videos, another type of video like animations and motion graphics surely become a fun addition to choosing for your valentine design ideas. One good thing that you will be able to finish one just by sitting in front of your computer.

Check out this cute Love Story Valentine campaign by Michael Kors and this super sweet #WeGoTogetherLike Valentine campaign by Al Ain Dairy which is functions simultaneously as Valentine greetings and advertising. You might not celebrate Valentine yourself, but that will not stop you to give thumbs up for nicely executed videos like these, right?.

Social Media


What is a marketing campaign without social media?. Take advantage of social media nature to share and mention people to expand your audience. It is true that some powerful campaign was backed up with millions of followers who help its virality. But don’t let it stop you to prepared some clever Valentine design ideas in social media because netizens still give appreciation for fancy contents.

Check out Pilot Love Guru campaign by ballpoint pen brand Pilot that is so successful that it repeated three times in 3 years in February. And the #FirstLoveIs Valentine campaign by Cadbury Silk India which asks their audience first love story and create doodles from the best story.


Do you have an interesting Valentine design ideas? Have you created viral Valentine campaign? Save a lot for your Valentine campaign with our Valentine promotion.


4 Must Know To Design For The Chinese Market


Whether you need to design something specific for your clients, or just want to create a multi-purpose design template for a particular Chinese market, generate a design for a community with enclosed nature like China usually left us in doubt because of only able to access very few references.

Many of us have some knowledge about design elements that considered favorable in Chinese culture. However, is it truly correct? Here are some basic principles to design for the Chinese market that can help you create an attractive design.



Color Choice

You might already know that red and yellow (gold) colors are Chinese’s favorite colors. However, do you know why? It is because both colors culturally considered representing prosperity, good energy, friendliness, and festivity. That is the main reasons you can found yourself surrounded by these colors around Chinese New year celebration.

On the other hand, white is associated with mourning and black with death. Many brands skipped these colors when they were targeting more traditional market. However, China becomes more and more open with western style, and younger generations tend to be more relax with these colors. However, as precautions, you can learn from two China’s biggest app, Weibo and WeChat, which done very pale gray hue to replace white.



Be careful with written script

Do you know that there are 40.000 different Chinese characters? Even though an acceptable level of literacy is for someone to be able to recognize 2.000 characters, that still many. Not to mention that each script contains 1-60 strokes. That makes Chinese writing is very complex and prone to errors.

Unless you have proper knowledge of Chinese language and writing, better trust professional to do the translation for you. Alternatively, in case that you need commonly used a phrase like Chinese new year greeting’s Gong Xi Fa Chai, Google could be an excellent choice. Just don’t skip to do a double check before you publish the design.



Preferable shapes

Whenever possible, avoid using a triangle or lines with sharp angles that indicate a negative force or danger. Round shapes are preferred since it represents reunion, coming together, unity and harmony. The belief is stronger in parts of China where Feng Shui is practiced.

Didi Chuxing, which is well known for foreigners as China’s Uber, employ this concept very well in its logo which uses half round shape and rounded strokes. Also check out QQ, the biggest social media in China, which utilize circular shape and silhouette of a penguin which is their mascot.



Playful with Cultural Symbol

You might already know that there are some items which considered lucky bringing for Chinese which based on Feng Shui. Sometimes the believed comes from the way it sounds like the mandarin orange sound is similar to gold. Together with another good luck charm like koi fish, lucky coins, and mystic knot that you can playfully add to your design as visual elements.

In case you haven’t known yet, each year in China is represented by an animal zodiac known as Shio. For example, 2017 is fire rooster year, so you can also level up your design game by incorporated rooster on your design.

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Happy Halloween 2016



Halloween is coming to town.

Whether you are currently netflixing and chilling.
Or knocking every neighbourhood doors for a candy.
Or waiting the DJ to pump up the music.

We just like to say Happy Halloween night!
Let’s forget the Monday madness
by enjoy magical surprises
full of treats and sweets.

Ps: PussInBox <3 candy too

The Secret Of Fashion Website Every UI Designer Should Know


There was a time when people are afraid to buy clothes online. Many people argue that people will need to touch the fabric, because they need to know if it is comfortable enough. Then, they need to try it, because they need to know if its cut fit their body perfectly.

However, things have changed. Right now, online fashion store is thriving. More and more people buy clothes online regularly.

By not forgetting that the retailers also offer better service like free return guarantee and more measurements details, their website also very well presented. Highly attention to details and deep understanding of their customers and products are the key.

Here are the lessons we UI designers can learn from them.


Super Minimal Design Style

Almost every UI designer know KISS expressions. However, fashion website design takes simple website design style to the next level. Fashion is all about looks, and nobody knows it better than fashion online retailers brand.

While embracing super minimal website design, the pages fulfilled with fullscreen images showing the products from every angle possible. Big images enable the customer to see every detail of the product, thus replacing the needs to touch and feel the fabric. Utilize minimal UI design style allowed the products to become a focal point, and at the same time attract attention into the products instead of into the web design.


Pay More Attention To Call To Action

We, UI designer usually don’t give much attention to call to action part on our website design. However, in the tough competition industry, call to action is vital. People who love the brand will likely subscribe to the newsletter; they might share it on social media to mention their friends who might like it, or if they were not sure about the quality they would use live chat to contact the retailer.

Most millennials who shop at online store are well known for their love to share as much as they like to complain. So, create a design which facilitates them to do both things easily while keeping the design clean. Nobody likes to search all over website just to complain or ask for small things. Moreover, no brand wants their customer’s complaints posted all over social media.


Accomodate Microcopy

Fashion website is no blog. Fashion retail customer does not need to know how the cotton will feel on their skin or why the designer colored its shoes purple. Microcopy which using very few words-per-sentence or presented in bullet list is perfect for their customers, whose likely to collecting many items on a wishlist and comparing between one another before making a purchase.

In this visual era, a picture speaks louder than words. UI design which accommodates multiple and significant images are preferable. Replace every word that can be substituted with icons or drop down options. However, don’t eliminate space for texts altogether. Some people still love to read the details, and it is crucial for SEO too.

Let’s never forget that website design quality is one of the most important aspects for online retailers. Sometimes both of us, as UI designers, and clients love to sweat the small details, and totally forgot that to give maximum user experience, we must look at the whole design and make sure each detail completed each other.

Source: Creative Blog

When Petzcrew Have The Theater For Our Eyes Only


Everybody wanna have fun.

And we also love to have fun.

And if that fun is to watch Suicide Squad followed with lunch together, who will say no.

By the end of last week, some of our crew are badly sick. But miraculously they all arrived healthier on Monday morning.

We watch the first show in the day, at 11am. Some Petzcrews feel reluctant to go early in the day since most people usually go to the movie at night. But in the end, we agreed that because there were 18 of us, and watching box office movie at night when people flocking to the theater after working hours is sound like a recipe for a headache.

And oh boy we were right. We were like having a private theater. There are only us, and 10 other people, in 150 seat theater.

When the movie finished, it’s lunch time, so we were heading to the nearest restaurant. Totally unplanned. And we’re lucky again because the restaurant was awesome and the food was great.

And after that, headed back to the office with a happy mind and a full stomach, ready to start rocking on Adobe Illustrator.

Say cheese…burger. Yummy.


This theatre is ours.


Interested to join our crew? We are looking for people who know how to have fun while being serious creating wonderful artworks. Take a peek at our jobs listing page. Are you the one we are looking for?.

Vinicius and Tom, Rio Olympics Mascots Is a Hidden Gems


Rio Olympic opening will be held tonight. And they hide these hidden gem named Vinicius and Tom. Who are they?. They are Rio Olympics mascots, which unfortunately buried under so many bad news about conditions in Rio prior to Olympic preparation.

When we said hidden gems, we meant it for real, because Vinicius and Tom are simply great. It’s hard to believe that the Rio Olympics mascots design project was started in 2012, and Vinicius and Tom were first introduced in 2014. That was such a very few coverage for a huge event as Olympic.

First questions must be “what are they?”. Actually, it’s very common for Olympics mascot to have bizarre form, perhaps to make them look striking and unique. Compare to one eye cyclops from London Olympic and blue round creature from Atlanta Olympic, Rio Olympics mascots are actually quite normal looking.


Vinicius is a mix of Brazillian animals. Its name is derived from Vinicius De Moraes, one of Brazil’s greatest bossa nova musician. And if you wonder why its body is abnormally long, it’s because its special ability is that he can stretch and stretch and stretch, as much as it wants. And since it’s an animal, it can run faster and jump higher than any other earthlings.

Tom is a fusion of all plants in the Brazillian forest. It’s name derived from Tom Jobin, another great Brazillian musician who together with Vinicius De Moraes wrote The Girls from Ipanema. And of course, it also has a special power, that it can draw everything and anything from his lush green leaves hair.

And here’s a couple of reason why Vinicius and Tom are a great mascots.

They Are Representative of Brazil

Mascot, which is part of entity’s branding, should represent the entity’s culture, goal, and vision.

Vinicius and Tom represent Brazil so well. Pop culture is rampant in Brazil, and Vinicius and Tom inspiration are based on pop culture style, video game, and animation. Their body shape is a representation of Brazillian natural heritage, wildlife, and plantations. Their name represents Brazil’s most popular music genre, bossa nova.

The most important aspect is that they are portrayed as lively, talkative, cheerful and colorful, represents the diversity and trait of Brazillian people and culture.


They Are Fun

Vinicius and Tom are easily inserted into so many things. Check out its Rio Olympics mascot official website, where you can have fun watching animations, take a quiz of what kind of sport best suit you (I took the quiz and the results show that Taekwondo will suit me, which is quite a surprise since I was doing Taekwondo during school). They also provide some crafting stuff like paper toys and coloring books.

They Are Memorable

As designers, we found Vinicius and Tom design style are quite unique. It has an uneven outline, gives hand drawing feeling. It’s using striking colors. And it’s cute, but not girly. How I wish I can have its plushies. Too bad the campaign are not much heard outside of Brazil.

Sadly, Olympic mascot is usually easily forgotten. Try googling “Olympics mascot” and I bet that you will have a hard time telling which mascots are from which Olympic. Perhaps it’s because after the Olympics game is finish, the mascot is no longer in use. Mascot needs an ongoing campaign to breath life and personality to them.


No matter what the future holds for Vinicius and Tom, Puss In Box has a great time playing with them. Last but not least, don’t forget to check Vinicius and Tom Instagram accounts. I think this is not wrong to say that Rio Olympics mascot is the most pop Olympic mascot, at least until today.

Personalised Pokemon Stickers For You The Best Pokemon Trainer


Have you catch ’em all?

The real Pokemon trainer does not stop at just hunting for Pikachu. Why not use Pokemon stickers on your chatting session too.


Bobble App just released their latest sticker pack. Titled as Gotta Catch’em All, it is Pokemon sticker theme. We designed the stickers, because just like you, we are also aspiring Pokemon trainers who love to show our love for Pokemon to our friends.

Bobble app is personalised sticker creator, where you can create your own chat stickers. All you need to do is take a selfie, then replace the character’s head in a sticker with your own selfie.

Then you just need to copy and paste the sticker into your chat window.

Besides being entertaining alternatives of regular stickers which already available on each chat app, you can also show your chatting buddy how trendy you are. Or just simply how much you love Pokemon.


We create the Pokemon stickers design in chibi style because it allows the whole body incorporated into small stickers. But our favourite part of the stickers are a famous Pokemon’s quote wordplay which we find very vivacious and playful

So, what are you waiting for?. Let’s sending out the Pokemon stickers to your aspiring trainer friends out there to encourage them to catch ’em all.

Use Bobble Pokeworld sticker now, free download here.

Design Lessons From Suicide Squad Movie


Why Suicide Squad movie feels different from another comic book based superhero movie?. I waited for more than a years, since the first time I saw that leaked photo of Jared Leto with a green hair, I was hook.

Then came out the trailer, then the promotional posters. Make me cannot wait no more. Why, because I feel that this movie will be quite different from another comic based movie.

Turns out it’s some of it design concept that makes it feels different.

Here’s a couple creative lesson we can take from Suicide Squad movie:

Think Out Of The Box

As creative people working in creative industry, we must have been hearing this a thousand times in a year. But, yeah, it’s always easier to say than do.

In Suicide Squad movie, Harley Quinn looks striking. After all, in comics or games, she almost always wore an interesting outfit, and her style almost always changing. But one thing stays the same, her outfits almost always inspired by traditional harlequin costumes. Perhaps it’s because her name is also a pun from harlequin.

Suicide Squad movie’s Harley Quinn trade signature half red half black hair with pink and blue ombre style dye on peroxide blonde hair. Duo colors jester outfit with diamond patterns turns into a ripped t-shirt and micro pants in red and blue color scheme.

Just because her name is a pun from Harlequin, that doesn’t mean she has to do harlequin inspired look all the time. The world is changing. And it’s also time to change the crazy looking jester into a crazy looking super hot lady.

Follow The Trend


Peroxide blonde. Ombre dye. Tattoos. Wedges sneakers. I don’t know what that jacket called, but if Justin Bieber wears it then it must be something trendy right?.

Basically, almost all parts in Harley Quinn outfit in Suicide Squad movie is something that is in trend right nowadays.

Following the latest trend could be an easier way for your audience to accept one design, especially if your target audience is young millennials around 20-30yo. Trend are crucial for them. And if your design has relatively short lifetime it can be a great way since you can just change the style whenever you need it to.

So, If the words peroxide blonde, ombre dye, and wedges sneakers are sounds like an alien language to you, it’s time for you to browse lifestyle blogs or Instagram influencer accounts. You’ll get many latest trends inspiration to level up your design.

Why so serious?

Here’s where Suicide Squad movie different with another comic based movie. You can easily spot fun in the movie from its posters. The merge of photo and comic style illustrations. Suicide squad members icon in neon green background. Not to mention that Harley Quinn and Joker always pictured smiling or laughing.

It creates a great contrast to most superhero movie posters. Most superhero movie posters portrayed characters with a tough gesture, angry frown face, and using dark colors. It screams seriousness.

Sure some designs have to bore seriousness on it. Especially if you are working on big corporation corporate identity for example.

But, if you are working for consumer design, add some fun could be a little trick to make your design stand out from others. Add characters with happy gesture and using light fun colors could give a big change. After all, everybody wants to have some fun, right?.


Oh, and of course we never forget to have some fun. Because in Petshopbox Studio, we’d love to add fun aspect on everything we create. Please enjoy our rendition of Suicide Squad movie poster.

So, have you got your Suicide Squad movie ticket yet?. Bet you can get more inspiration after watching it by yourself. Because sometimes great inspirations can come from the worst heroes ever.