The World Need Emoji Equality

After variations of skin colors and sex preferences, Google currently proposed emojis of working women. Find out how much emoji equality gives benefit to Google and how to apply these emojis into your professional life.

Petshopbox Studio, reboot, reborn, restart!

We are reboot, reborn, restart.

Must Have Browser Start Page For Designers

Browser start page for design to get inspired with design, arts and news.

Tini & Tono LINE Available Now on LINE Sticker Store

Tini and Tono are brother and sister characters from Indonesia’s elementary school book.

LINE Sticker Template

Template for LINE Sticker Creators Market. Generate sticker files with ease. Photoshop Action included.

Sticker Talk Talkshow, Learn About LINE Creators Market from The Expert

Open invitation to attend Sticker Talk, a talkshow about digital sticker LINE Creators Market.

How To Create Telegram Sticker

Tutorial on how to publish your own telegram stickers and use it on Telegram.

Adobe Illustrator Tips To Save Your Time: Part 2

Adobe illustrator tips and trick in glorious GIF. All the trick will save your design time.

How-To and Tools To Optimize Your Design Assets File Size

Keeping image file as small as possible is very important, whether you are working on user interface or game assets.

What You Need To Know About Selling Sticker in LINE Creator Market

LINE is the first chat app that open its sticker store to public. Designers from all around the globe are submitting their characters into the LINE Creators sticker market. Based on LINE official blog report. Stickers come from 124 countries, with total sticker sales 1.23 billion Yen. That’s solely from LINE Creator’s Market. For designer, […]