About Us

Petshopbox Studio was formed during the break time of Comic Industri in Indonesia, started as bunch of young peoples who loves anime, manga and of course drawing. Since 2005, Petshopbox Studio has evolved from hobby to a fully managed professional illustrators. We have produced more than 12 books, published locally and internationally.

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Our Office

JL. Pajajaran 157
Bandung, Jawa Barat 40174, Indonesia


The Petz

  • Sissy


    CEO Twitter e-mail

    After graduated from Visual Communication Design major, Sissy chose to following her passion and continue to Entrepreneurship Management for her post-graduate. She’s influenced heavily by european design style and specialized on design for printing. Lately, she found another passion for blogging and take responsibilities on Petshopbox Studio’s blog posts.

  • Kus


    CCO Twitter e-mail

    Kuswanto is the initiator of early Petshopbox Studio. Now, his role as Chief Creative Officer – lead all designs and artworks directions on every projects.

  • Ayu

    Fiona Ratayu Piranti

    CFO Twitter e-mail

    Graduated her bachelor in Economic and continuing her post-graduate in Financial Management. She start joined Petshopbox Studio since 2009 as a part-time Financial Officer and began working full time in 2010. Now she is working as Chief Financial Officer, doing all things that related to financial of Petshopbox Studio. Kings of Convenience and Clazziquai lover, also a big fan of Lee Min-Ho.

  • Ratri

    Ratri Adityarani

    CMO Twitter e-mail

    Ratri is a bookworm and a loyal music lover who loves to write and enjoys culinary tours. She studied social and political issues, and never stop learning about anything from anyone and any experiences. Her biggest interests are books, food, history, and a genuine smile on peopleʼs faces.

  • cristy

    Agnes Cristy Crissella

    Project Manager Twitter e-mail

    Born in a small island, she traveled a lot during her childhood because her parent’s job. Like to learn new languages and discover new things in her life. She is a big fan of Real Madrid and Manchester United football club. On February 2013 she decided to fall in love with Petshopbox Studio. She believe in a wise word that say “where your heart is, there your mind will be also”.

  • Avis

    Avis Islamy

    Senior Designer Twitter e-mail

    He likes football, loves to joke, fans of Chelsea FC, fans of User Interface Design and variety show RunningMan. Currently fall in love with UI, pixel and vector art. He liked the clean and simple design style.

  • ojun

    Martian Centuro Magnamesia

    Senior Designer e-mail

    A mid level design practitioner who likes to learn new things and is being curious about anything. Looking for projects which grants him to utilise his skills in providing creative solutions.

  • Agung

    Agung Rizani

    Programmer Twitter e-mail

    Love comicbooks, video game, and taking a nap in the middle of pretty much every activity. Is on his way to learn anything from design to programming, hoping someday he can make a game so good that every children in the future generations will remember his name. Joined Petshopbox Studio to learn from the experts, but now the studio feels more like a home rather than a training ground.

  • Yosan

    Michael Yosan

    Junior Designer Twitter e-mail

    Graduated from Visual Communication Design major. His favourites activity is drawing and sports such as basketball and badminton. His drawing styles is influenced by Akira Toriyama, Oda Eiichiro and Takehiko Inoue. Even tho he is not into soccer, he loves to watch Manchester United match.

  • Amel

    Amelia Fitri

    Junior Designer Twitter e-mail

    Graduated from Visual Communication Design major. Now, she joined with Petshopbox Studio as designer. She loves cats and cute things. She interested in drawings, design, cartoon and comics. She really love fantasy illustration.

  • Christian

    Christian Martaleo

    Junior Designer e-mail

    A so-called otaku who hates worms and caterpillars. He believes knowledge and experience will take him far more than anything. Reliable and open minded, he’ll take even the meanest critics to improve himself better than yesterday.